Fire Protection Services

Buddy’s Fire offers free on site audits within your workplace to ensure you have the correct equipment to manage the risk in your workplace. Our fire protection services are designed to make workplaces a safer place for your employees.

We have fully equipped mine approved vehicles which allow our technicians access to all areas.

Fire protection measures

  • Level one or two inspections on fire extinguisher, fire hose reel, fire hydrants and fire blankets
  • Level two discharge test on fire extinguishers
  • Level five recharge on fire extinguishers
  • Level four recharge and pressure test on fire extinguishers
  • Install fire extinguisher vehicle brackets
  • Fire hydrant flow testing
  • Fire hydrant five yearly replacement heads
  • Install, test and clean smoke alarms
  • Install, inspect and test exit and emergency lighting
  • Inspect and test vehicle suppression systems
  • Inspect and test fire doors
  • Inspect and test fire shutters
  • Install and inspect fire depots
  • Install, inspect and test layflat hoses
  • Install and inspect first aid
  • Inspect and test eyewash and safety shower systems
  • Maintenance tag as part of our fire protection services

Contact us to arrange an on site visit, and make sure you have a safe and compliant workplace.

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