Fire Safety Inspections & Testing

Buddy’s Fire can assist you in maintaining the highest level of workplace safety by performing routine fire safety inspections and testing on your fire safety products.

  • Inspections (Level One/Two) – fire extinguisher, fire hose reel, fire hydrants & fire blankets
  • Discharge test (Level Two) – fire extinguishers
  • Recharge & pressure test (Level Four) – fire extinguishers
  • Recharge (level Five) – fire extinguishers
  • Vehicle suppression systems
  • Fire doors & shutters
  • Exit & emergency lights
  • Hydrant flow testing
  • Hydrant services
  • Smoke alarms – install, test & clean
  • Lay flat hoses

Fire equipment inspections and recharge & pressure testing are carried out in a workshop that is fully equipped and regularly inspected as part of the Integrated Management System. We ensure that all procedures are followed so as to maintain a consistent level of service.


Is your fire safety equipment in good working order? Contact us to arrange an on site visit and fire safety audit.

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