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Our areas of expertise give clients peace of mind

The team at Buddy’s Fire is committed to providing tailored fire protection services and solutions for your individual requirements.  Our trained and experienced staff members take into consideration the risk that is to be covered and the location of each piece of equipment, ensuring that in the event of an incident, the products supplied are easily accessible and effective.

fire-extWe offer free on-site audits to ensure you have the correct equipment to manage the risk in your workplace, making it a safer place for your employees. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Free onsite fire management audits
  • Supply, installation and maintenance of portable fire equipment
  • Service and maintenance of existing fire equipment
  • Maintenance and record management to ensure compliance
  • Supply, installation, testing and maintenance of exit and emergency lighting
  • Supply, inspection, testing and maintenance of fire hydrants
  • Supply, inspection, testing and maintenance of fire doors and shutters
  • Inspection, testing and maintenance of fire vehicle suppression systems
  • Supply, installation, testing and cleaning of smoke alarms
  • Supply and pressure testing of layflat hoses
  • Training on use of fire equipment including basic fire training and fire warden training
  • Development of evacuation diagrams
  • Development of block diagrams
  • Supply, installation and restocking of first aid equipment
  • Supply, inspection, testing and maintenance of eyewash and safety shower equipment
  • Supply of safety signs
  • Drug and alcohol testing

Buddy’s Fire offers a full range of portable fire equipment, free on site fire audits, and inspection and restocking of first aid kits. You can be assured your choice of equipment is relevant to your business risks and meets current regulations.

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