Drug and Alcohol Testing

Buddy’s Fire Sales & Service offers urine or saliva drug testing and alcohol breath test at either our office at 15 Chappell Street North Rockhampton or we can come to you on site.

Why Introduce Drug & Alcohol Testing in your Work Place?

6-panel-testerEmployees operating machinery, plant equipment or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs represent a hazard to themselves and other staff in their work environment.

Employers have a duty of care to ensure:

  • the health and safety of each of their workers
  • their own health and safety
  • the health and safety of other people who are not workers. For example visitors, salespersons or passing pedestrians.

The induction of Drug and Alcohol targeted and random screening will minimize the risk of staff working while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

  • There is an obligation on employers to provide a safe workplace
  • There is an obligation on workers to follow instructions
  • There is an obligation on workers to attend work in a fit state

Buddy’s Fire Sales & Service offer Drug and Alcohol testing so that employers are able to meet their obligations.

Remember you must bring photo ID when having your Drug & Alcohol Test.

What could Trigger testing in your Workplace?

There are various reasons for testing within workplaces and various forms of testing program that employers can utilize. It is recommended that employers adopt the following:

  • Voluntary self-testing – providing facilities for a worker to self-test at the workplace
  • Random testing – any worker or a select group of workers may be tested on a random day
  • Upon reasonable belief – a worker who shows signs of being affected by alcohol and/or drugs should be considered for testing. When a worker is suspected of being affected at work primary consideration must be given to the safety of the individual and of others
  • Testing after a workplace health and safety incident – a worker may be required to submit to an alcohol and/or other drugs test if they are involved in an incident.
  • Workers may also be required to be tested before engaging in employment or as part of induction procedures – Pre –employment / Induction

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