Client Profile

Buddy’s Fire has extensive experience across a broad range of industries. Working from this foundation of knowledge, we provide the most effective solutions for businesses or organisations, tailored around individual needs.

Industries serviced:

  • Mining and Energy
  • Government and Health
  • Construction, Manufacturing and Engineering
  • Hospitality, Retail and Trade
  • Transport and logistics
  • Agriculture
  • Professional and Educational.

Government Departments and Regional Councils

Buddy’s Fire has experience working with a range of government departments and Regional Councils including:

  • Building and Asset Services
  • Central and Far West Queensland Health
  • Rockhampton Regional Council
  • Livingstone Shire Council
  • Gladstone Shire Council
  • Banana Shire Council
  • Australian Defence Force through Spotless Services Australia Ltd.

Buddy’s Fire understand the overall scope of the contracts that they enter into and all staff at Buddy’s Fire ensuring that contractual requirements are met by achieving Key Performance Areas.

Mining Sector

By offering a high standard of service and the ability to supply equipment quickly, Buddy’s Fire is able to provide a service that allows mine managers to be assured that safety is not compromised.

Buddy’s Fire has experience in supplying products and services to:

  • Jellinbah Mine
  • Downer EDI Mining -Yarrabee Mine
  • Downer EDI Mining – Minerva Mine
  • Callide and Boundary Hill Mine
  • Sibelco


Buddy’s Fire supplies an ongoing service to various industries and businesses throughout Central & Far West Queensland. Buddy’s Fire is able to offer the same level of service regardless of the size of the business. Buddy’s Fire is able to achieve fire safety for all clients, from small corner stores to large freighting or drilling companies, giving business owner’s the assurance that if needed, equipment will be compliant and fully functional.